Better Digital Citizens, Safer Online Organisations

Changing behaviour through better awareness; protecting your organisations from the threat from within.

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Make People Your Strongest Asset

The people in your organisation can be your strongest asset against cyber threats.

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Become A Safer, Online Organisation

Improve your online security with our innovative frameworks and processes, tools and technologies.

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IT Strategy & Governance

Supporting your organisation to define its direction focussing on the goals and determining the actions to achieve them, helping your organisation to put in the mechanisms to deliver success.


Risk Management

Helping to reduce your staff and organisations exposure to risks and threats, using innovative frameworks and technology to improve business resilience, while, maintaining full audit controls, compliance and reporting.

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Information Security

From assessment and implementation to training and awareness, providing a range of services to support your staff to become better digital citizens, helping your organisation become more secure and compliant.



Providing a range of tailored services for your staff and organisations needs including IT Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Strategic Planning and Consultancy.



Let’s put the fun into Risk Identification, Management and Awareness. Help develop staff awareness about risks and threats to your organisation through easy to use and fun challenges and activities.



Covering key legal and regulated sectors including Local and Central Government, Banking and Financial Services as well as Health and Social Care.


25 years of protection for corporations and SMEs

Specialising in cyber security, with over 25 years’ experience in IT Governance, Information Security and Risk Management across many industries and sectors.

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Cyber Security and Risk Management are all about identification and awareness. Helping people and organisations be aware of the possible risks and threats to them and their business is the start.

Perceptions of risk

Perceptions of risk

Risk perception is about acknowledging there is a risk. Understanding the likelihood, the risk happening. Putting in place the controls to mitigate that risk.


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