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Missing the Linq’s overarching objective is to develop resources, aimed at multi-sector organisations to improve standards of cyber security and provide a pragmatic and affordable solutions to the management of risk. Cyber-attacks pose a significant threat to organisations not only economically but in terms of reputational damage and loss of business. The damage to companies can have ‘knock on’ effects to their customers and suppliers with the repercussions of a single attack rippling through a supply chain. The ability to provide evidence of high standards of cyber security will also enable organisations to reassure their customers and suppliers in the supply chain that they are not ‘weak links’. Using the resources here will enable organisations to reduce cyber-attacks, raise standards of data literacy and compliance among all staff (not just IT teams) and to conduct, and provide documented evidence of, risk mitigation and management.

The challenge is multifaceted: to prevent cyber-attacks on organisations, to raise awareness of risk and standards of cyber-security, to develop a culture of responsibility and accountability, to provide pragmatic, affordable solutions to all businesses. Missing the Linq adopts a novel approach which provides a technological solution backed with additional resources which can integrate with any business to achieve cyber security through three deliverables:

  • The development of innovative applications capable of risk identification, analysis, assessment and developing mitigation plans broken down to task level.
  • The provision of resources – documentation, processes and sector specific information to support the use of the software and its integration into business processes.
  • Access to services – personal consultancy to support companies through the software-led process of achieving cyber security and to provide additional expertise as required.



IT Governance

IT Governance is a framework which ensures your organisations IT infrastructure, products and services enables and supports the business strategies and objectives.



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