We are a technology company that prides itself on offering a personal service to organisations across the FinTech and Banking sector.

Working within the FinTech and Banking sector for over 10 years has given Missing the Linq a unique insight into what is required when working in a highly-regulated organisation.

Banking and Financial Services

Missing the Linq specialises in cyber security with over 25 years’ experience in IT Governance, Information Security and Risk Management within a highly-regulated Fintech and Banking sector. This experience has helped the company to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of financial service organisations in relation to cyber security.

Many organisations are overwhelmed by the complexity of current market solutions which are more geared towards Small to Medium sized businesses and large scale enterprises. Missing the Linq develop solutions which are specifically aimed at simplifying the risk management challenge for organisations. Simple to use, interfaces with business processes, encourage cultural shifts within organisations and make the process of identifying, managing and mitigating risk manageable for even the smallest FinTech company.

The challenge is multifaceted: to prevent cyber-attacks on financial services and banking organisations, to raise awareness of risk and standards of cyber-security, to develop a culture of responsibility and accountability, to provide pragmatic, affordable solutions to all organisations. Missing the Linq is proposing a novel approach which provides a technological software solution backed with additional resources which can integrate with any organisation to achieve cyber security through three deliverables:

  • The development of innovative software capable of risk identification, analysis, assessment and developing mitigation plans broken down to task level. The software has an easy to use interface and can be utilised in most business large or small.
  • The provision of resources – documentation, processes and sector specific information to support the use of the software and its integration into business processes.
  • Access to services – personal consultancy to support companies through the software-led process of achieving cyber security and to provide additional expertise as required.

At Missing the Linq we can help you define the strategy, define the end goals, and how to mobilise your resources to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Through business and technical consultancy Missing the Linq can support the process helping you to identify the inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes, both formally and informally.

From assessment and implementation to training and awareness, providing a range of services to support your staff to become better digital citizens, helping your organisation become more secure and compliant.

Missing the Linq helps leaders of Banking and Financial Services businesses to think, relate and act in ways beyond traditional change management. Through a shared narrative, we bring together stakeholders to build a common understanding of the wider system.






Local and Central Government

With over 15 years’ experience of working with Local and Central Government bodies Missing the Linq, understands the challenges that these organisations face.


Health and Social Care

Missing the Linq has supported the delivery of services in a highly complex and diverse environment working under with strict regulations and guidelines.